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Your next role is just a click away.

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What will we do for you? 

Talk to you about roles: 

Our recruitment consultants are all specialist consultants within their field, not only do they know about recruitment they know about the type of roles you are looking for, they will only ever speak with you about roles which suit you and match you to them. 

We will never send your CV to a client without speaking to you about them first 

Help you through the interview process:

We know interviews are stressful things to do but we are always on hand to help with any questions or concerns you may have, for each interview you can expect the following off all of our consultants: 

  • Full interview confirmation with all the details you need

  • Full job spec either from the company or written up by us 

  • Details for the company including details of the managers you will be speaking to and company site 

  • Prep call before your interview to answer any questions you have 

  • Follow up call to go through how it went and any feedback you may have 

Keep in touch 

We know the first couple of weeks at a new role can be stressful so we always make sure we keep in touch with all our candidates even after they have started. 

Unlike a lot of recruiters who once they  have their fee will leave you to it we make sure you are settling in well and don't have any questions or concerns. 

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